Monday, October 24, 2011

Farm (or yard!) to Table

What better way to teach your family about eating fresh, local foods than to start at home? Start small with a vegetable garden or, if you are more ambitious, try your hand at raising animals. One of our Delicious Dietitians recently celebrated the first blue egg from her roost of Americana chickens she and her family began raising this spring. Her children bear the responsibility of taking care of the birds and have been waiting anxiously for eggs!

What a fantastic way to teach children where our food comes from, and the importance of eating fresh, healthy foods. Many Americans today feel disconnected from the source of their food. Get back to your roots and connect with where your food comes from! If raising chickens is a little out of your comfort zone, take your family to a local farmer's market where they can meet the farmers or a "you pick" farm to see fruits and vegetables growing. Teach your family that food doesn't just come from the grocery store!

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