Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Healthy Halloween

Halloween is fun for kids and adults, but for some, the scariest part of Halloween comes after the trick-or-treating is over.  Here are some tips to make sure all that leftover Halloween candy doesn't wreck havoc on your healthy eating plans, and some tricks to make sure those treats are eaten in moderation for the whole family.  The most important aspect of dealing with that extra candy is managing how and when it gets eaten!

  • First things first.  To avoid arguments later, establish some rules for the candy that comes home before you go trick-or-treating. For instance, no candy in kids' rooms. 
  • Whether you are headed out to trick-or-treat or to a Halloween party, make sure everyone has eaten a healthy, filling meal before you go.  This will prevent kids from coming home hungry and then binging on candy.  It will also prevent too much snacking on candy along the way!
  • Allow for a few extra treats on Halloween.  
  • Store candy out of sight, like a kitchen cabinet. 
  • Limit candy to one or two small pieces a day, at an agreed upon time.  For example, with a snack after school, or as a dessert after dinner.  
  • Keeping control of the candy teaches kids moderation and self control, valuable skills for later in life! 
For adults who are worried about overdoing it on Halloween, many of the tips are the same.  
  • Allow yourself a few treats on Halloween.  Remember Halloween is only 1 day.  
  • Buy candy for trick-or-treaters at the last minute, so you aren't tempted to break into the bag early.  
  • Do NOT buy your favorite candy for trick-or-treaters! 
  •  Get any leftover candy out of the house: take it to share at work, give to neighborhood kids, etc.
Enjoy a safe and healthy Halloween!

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